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Medical Business

Medical Business

We focus on comprehensive healthcare services, from the supply of healthcare products, till the services that can be felt directly by people. The companies we founded and developed, targeting to touch all customer level. We are choose services as the most important thing to running their business. Make us the first choice for the life of the indonesian people.





•  Colab Pharma and ClinicCo
Is a social enterprise that support the goverment and society by providing extensive covid 19 detection methods through fast accurate PCR, Antigen, and antibody test.


To provide the best, trusted, and high quality service for the society.For a better and healthier future.


To be able to fulfill the need of the public for health and walfare of the society.


•  Fortace Diagnostics
We on process to build IVD business named fortace diagnostics, this company intends to provide the best IVD products, and excelent services. Our team has great experience in IVD business and having more than 10 years of experience.


Become the chosen IVD supplier company with the best IVD products, and after-sales services that provide convenience to customers.



• Taking market needs through the best product brands, with the competitive prices.  
•  Provide after-sales service that focuses on customer needs, and provide a new, different experience, through digital services.  
•  Highly committed to innovation, both in products and services to customers, so that health services in Indonesia are getting better.